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2021's Best Forex Brokers !!

 [Music] our traitors like I mentioned last week right now's a good time during the holidays to get yourself situated in regards to your overall trading business right really on your trading business okay there's working in your trading business when you're actually in markets there's working on your trading business make sure your structure is very sound and one of the most important things about working on your trading business is making sure that you're with the right broker all right none of them make this video for quite some time and again just right now it's a good time to pivot from a broker if they're unregulated or if you've thought that maybe hey things have been a little shaky with these guys and I haven't been able to withdraw the way I've wanted to I've been executed in markets early or I've been pulled out in some capacity a lot of weird things happen I haven't experienced this stuff in a while because I'm working with some really solid guys and I just wanted to let you guys know a little bit more about who we think are pretty good brokers to work with we're gonna give you guys three all right we think they're the best in the industry again this is just totally our opinion but through our experience of working with them for years they haven't let us down so far right so let's go over the top three forest brokers these are the categories that we're gonna look at right so we're gonna make sure that we assess leverage what's that broker specific leverage what is that brokers regulation it's really important to know that if this broker has a minimum deposit amount or not now again we don't really like to consider that a thing because forex traders should not be starting off with a small amount of capital but there are brokers that let you do it we'll let you guys know the minimum deposit amount there as well how long the broker has been around or so and and just overall the overall experience of trading in their platform some of these guys have their own proprietary platforms that you can execute in all right so the first brokers that I want to talk about is the one that most forex traders are gonna be really excited about right so high leverage is something that a lot of brokers say they give and they'll give you that leverage but the only problem is will they pay out there are a lot of stories told of traders making potentially tens of thousands of dollars with unregulated brokers and that broker never pays out capital well there's one broker in particular that we know pays out really really well and then not only that they have some of the lowest spreads maybe we should consider that a factor as well obviously the spread amount um they have one of the lowest spreads in the entire industry that's blueberry markets okay so we've been keeping an eye out on blueberry markets for quite some time and they've been somebody that I've even had a chance to talk with the CEO to hear a little bit more about his story you know why they got established and everything looks really really good okay and so we've been talking about blurry markers we've been sending traders over there who aren't in the US and who maybe want to work with the broker that's not you know binded by the US regulation which is fifty to one leverage maximum okay if you have a small amount of capital is very hard to maneuver you know within a fifty-one leverage environment I understand that and so if you go to a different broker Offshore's broker you need to be really careful who you work with and that's why we think blueberry markets it's probably gonna be one of the best brokers for you in that capacity okay again they have been pretty rarely tight spreads we haven't had any one human being on planet earth that we have X we have at least sent over there we haven't had anybody give any type of bad recommendations or some bad feedback as to what's happened with blueberry okay so when it comes to high leverage you get 501 leverage of blueberry it's hard to find a regulator broker a SaaS I see regulation it through Australia it's hard to find a regulator broker with 501 leverage that is credible okay but you get that with blueberry and so just off the bat I think that's probably gonna be the you know that's that's pretty much sealed right it's hard to find a high leverage broker that you can really trust right a lot of them have crazy random regulations that are you know maybe Caribbean regulations that are really easy to get you know or regulations somewhere in the Middle East in some capacity that again are really easy to get those regulations where okay you don't want to put your capital with those institutions blueberries pretty good all right so secondly now this is a broker that I wish I could trade in this is Saxo Bank I've been working with guys for years that have been using Saxo Bank but if you're in the United States you cannot trade in the Saxo Bank broker but Saxo Bank is massive right 2014 their revenues were almost four hundred million dollars so they're a very very very well funded Bank they had transactional volume on any given I think that year was 77 billion dollars of transactional volume in general their biggest client is Citibank right so they're working with some of the largest institutions in the entire world and their direct market access broker so when you place a position inside of your Saxo Bank brokerage that gets sent straight into the actual marketplace itself right so the leverage over there also is 201 that's not bad again you're not binded by this US regulation of fifty to one so that's awesome in their spreads they claim again spreads can vary so when a broker says hey we have great spreads I know for a fact blueberry has great spreads I haven't been able to touch this axial bank market and haven't been able to execute trades in there but they do say they have very low spreads and some of the traders that I talked to before I wanted to make this video mention that their spreads over X axial Bank have been fairly low at times when you get that heightened volatility just like in any kind of fixed spread environment you're gonna start to have a little bit more of a of a cushion those brokers are gonna ask for a little bit more of a kitchen throughout those times of higher volatility but outside of that so far they're so good so again their regulations are regulated everywhere as a regulated in Australia they're regulated in Europe on the regulated you in the UK as well it's just we don't get them here in the US now a second part of as to why I really do love Saxo Bank is they give you FX options and when it comes to options you know and that's not something I talk about a lot when it comes to office you can really mitigate your risk when you put yourself in a type of situation where you have an insurance policy on all your traits okay and this is again something that a lot of retailers don't know much about but it's very advantageous to traders who are trying to get into a you know a scenario where they maybe aren't looking to you know take their account and flip it and all this kind of crap that happens in the market maybe they're just trying to slowly you know make standardized very normalized gains on any given month well you can use the options to help mitigate losses if that is your trading style if you have a more aggressive trading style maybe options aren't for you but if you do Saxo Bank good they do give you FX options you also can trade stocks in there as well alright and so lastly this is the broker that I've been using literally since 2014 you have a Wanda Amanda has been really one of the best brokers that I've had experience with for quite some time they're regulated here in the US via the NFA okay SEC regulation everybody is really happy with Oh Andy here in the United States when I say everybody I'm meeting the government because it is so hard to get your broker regulated here in the states but if you get that regulation you open yourself up to just a massive amount of capital US capital right so of course you only deal with fifty to one leverage now we have very sizable portfolios so we don't have to have such high leverage which is again really probably where you want to get to eventually when you get in the business but again at first if you're trying to start off smaller and you feel like you need to use that higher leverage then blueberries right there for you and I highly recommend you using those guys but outside of that if you already have a large amount of capital and you want to just start hitting small percentage of turns which do still equate to large cash gains well then yet you can be in the u.s.

Regulated markets but there are other u.s. regulator brokers that you know you guys may know me for using TD Ameritrade I don't want to use mention TD here because you know they do so many other things outside that Forex I wanted to talk about Forex predominantly only forex brokers I love TD as well but when it comes to Forex predominant brokers then a win is probably the best bet and when it comes to spreads again Amanda's been treating me very right there you get a wide variety of different types of assets you can trade different formulations of currency pairs that's another thing that Saxo Bank and blueberry markets has as well more than most of these other brokers you get a lot of different types of currency pairs that you can trade specifically with SAC so they give you more than anybody but again with au anda you have you have that as well so and again these are just our recommended brokers this is not any kind of gospel this is just what we like to use okay if you guys have brokers that you guys are questioning or you guys want to learn a little bit more about you can do is just comment down below and we'll give you guys our feedback we made a video about you know some brokers maybe a few months ago we got over a thousand comments and we really hit back almost everybody so if you guys have questions about your specific broker hit us up here okay so that's it blueberry markets we were just getting into the Forbes game I think blueberry markets is one of your best bet it hits off from really almost anything that you guys are gonna really want when it comes to high leverage low spreads you can trust them they have great customer support they're just like the go-to broker for your standard Forex trader now let me start to scale in the business you start to work want to work with somebody like Saxo Bank and start to work with somebody like oh anda Amanda you're immediately limited by their low leverage so a lot of you guys won't be too amused by Oana that's why I put them last on the list but I just love them because again I've been able to trust them with a lot of my capital for the entire time that I've really been in this industry but Saxo Bank and a lot of my peers are using sex though you get pretty cool benefits like sex with banks proprietary trading software oh and also has some proprietary trading software if you go work with blueberry you're going straight to MC 4 MC 5 which is fine right they run the entire industry ok so let me know if you guys any questions post your brokers um down below we'd love to give your feedback on those guys there's links to each one of these brokers also in the description you guys got any questions for us let us know Happy Holidays folks talk to you soon [Music]