The sealing of the coffee bag, there is such knowledge!

With the popularity of coffee beans, coffee packaging has gradually become a necessity for people to buy and use. Recently, however, a new type of coffee bag has appeared, which can effectively prevent the loss of coffee beans.

1: The seal of the coffee bag

Coffee bag is one of the commonly used packaging materials in food production enterprises, which is mainly used for sales, storage and transportation. However, many people do not know the function of the coffee bag seal. coffee bean packaging bags believe that coffee bean packaging bags can protect the product from external damage to some extent. Therefore, the sealing process of the coffee bag is very important. Generally speaking, there are two ways to seal the coffee bag: one is to put the small package into an airtight packaging box; The other is to put the small package directly into the packing box. The former requires the use of a special capping machine for sealing processing, the latter simply put the product into a packing box. Which method of sealing is used depends on the specific product. If it is small goods or fragile products, should use a single layer of film sealing; And if it is large goods or fragile goods, it should choose multilayer film sealing technology.

2: There is such knowledge!

The seal of the coffee bag originally has such knowledge! What many people don’t know is that there is an art to keeping your mouth shut. The seal of the coffee bag should not only consider the appearance, but also take into account the user’s habits and needs. If the sealing process can be designed according to these factors, the sealing of coffee bag can be more perfect. First, the sealing material should have good solvent resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance; Secondly, the sealing method should have certain elasticity and flexibility; Finally, the lid must be sealed tightly. In the above three aspects, we need to pay more attention. Only by doing these details to the extreme, can the best sealing effect be achieved.

This is an interesting finding. It turns out that coffee beans can also be packaged in different ways to protect themselves from contamination or spoilage.

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